Future of photography: Imaging by light vector recording.

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If you cannot comprehend the technology...

looper1234 wrote:

I didn't want to sound adversarial, but i believe what I described is a plausible terminus to the technical aspect of photography.

i don't care that someone tried to make a cheap buck using immature technology, or some paper i can't even comprehend.

If you cannot comprehend the technology, then what is your "belief" that it is "plausible" based on?

The people who created it say that it's not possible to use that technology in the manner you describe.

the technical aspect of photography is not hard to explain; collect light information, use said information to construct image. In the old days we do so in darkrooms, now we have lightroom and who knows.

all the rest is mere technicalities.

Not unless you have some idea how to address them. That's what "technicalities" are, the technical details. If there is no technology to solve a problem, then there are no technicalities of how to implement it.

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