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Wow.. but good luck

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

Hi again,

Well, i just bought new computer, i will not talk much about it because i paid a lot to get it, so i will accept any issues it

It is coming with Windows 8, the booting as all of you know is unbelievable  but i still want to go back to Windows 7, the laptop having SSD, but i am not sure on which port it is connected and also it has a 1TB drive [Toshiba 5400rpm], it seems the OS is on that drive and not on SSD, but the boot is crazy fast, i can't imagine how it will be with SSD then, later i may try to take out all the drives and put my Samsung from another old laptop for Windows 7, then one day i will add the SSD on this laptop to compliment it, 32GB Samsung but i don't know which model.

Now with this new laptop i have to relax and don't worry much about booting time that i was cazy idiot about, will check out with the other SSD + Win 7 and see how it performs.

Thanks all, i appreciate all the help.

If you have the money to just go buy a new computer because your old one does not boot fast, more power to you.

Just remember, windows 8 was designed to boot fast so it loads all the garbage after it comes up, there is a point of diminishing returns, and at that point, because you are loading less stuff at boot, there will be less of a performance increase adding an SSD..... just saying.

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