No one seems to know anywhere how to fix - Ideas?

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Re: No one seems to know anywhere how to fix - Ideas?

lou Capeloto wrote:


Cant get an answer that works so I thought would give it one more shot hoping someone in this forum may know thank you

The following is the scenario -

I have Lightroom 3.6 and also had Elements 8 using mac

Also, I use NIK plugins

Problem is when I go to Photo mode and then Edit in I see the following (in the following order)

Edit in Photoshop - "greyed out"
Edit in dfine 2 - not greyed out and is fine

Elements 8 - Ok (even though I uninstalled it on my computer to try to fix the problem it still shows up after rebooting the mac)
Open in smart object in photoshop - "greyed out"
Merged in Panorama - "greyed out"
Merge on HDR in Photoshop "greyed out"
open as layers in Photoshop "greyed out"

So I uninstalled Photoshop Elements 8 to fix didnt work, reinstalled lightroom didnt work and elements still shows up in lightroom yet I uninstalled it using the uninstall in utilities.

I would like to eliminate the greyed out items in lightroom and add my other Nik plugins show they show up automatically and reinstall elements 8

I would appreciate if anyone has ideas how to fix this



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The Mac doesn't have a registry, and there is no such thing as "uninstall."
Do you have Photoshop on the computer? Try doing a Get Info (command-I) on a graphic file in the Finder and set it to Open With Photoshop as the default, does that work?

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