HP Photosmart 435 review

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HP Photosmart 435 review

I just bought this on a whim yesterday. I found it on clearance at WalMart for $60. However, I'm still going to take it back.
Yes, like many point and shoot digitals that I've used with regular AA batteries this one does use them quickly, esp. with the flash and the display. My old fuji used 4 AA's and lasted somewhat longer. I'd say it's just below average.

It is small and works well with WinXP without loading any software.

It's hard to find a whole lot good that doesn't have more bad to be said.

It is really easy to use and set up if your even a little familiar with digitals.
The ISO can be adjusted a little, the flash can be turned on always or off or used with Red-Eye. I think the exposure can be adjusted a little bit also.
That's really all I can tell- it has some type of "sport" mode, but I don't know if it is really useful at this point - it still seems to have a shutter lag.


It doesn't work too well in low light, and feels a little flimsy.
The images are pretty good for a $60 camera, but the zoom is horrible!!!!!! All it does is crop the picture. I could just do that later in photoshop, and probably with better results.
It has an mpeg feature that is easy to use but very choppy and bad in low light. My dad's old 8mm film movie camera (the ones from the early 70's) looked smoother...!

Like I said I'll probably be taking this back within the week.
I guess I'm just spoiled by my d-reble so it's even harder to be objective about a cheap point and shoot- with no real zoom, or really any other features.
I guess it DOES have a movie button! but hmmm, did I mention that I'm taking it back. Maybe I'll look into a used canon or something.

HP Photosmart 435
3 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 36 mm
Announced: Aug 11, 2003
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