HS50 EXR North-American Availability + HS50 Video Bitrate

Started Mar 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP Francis Carver Senior Member • Posts: 1,122
Only 60 fps in Full-HD video -- jsut how dumb is that, huh?

alexisgreat wrote:

dont forget that you cant get the standard 30 fps unless your videos are 640x480

Yeah, I just hate cameras that do that, so stupid. Same thing with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7, by the way. Thing can do 60p, but cannot do 30p in the same resolution.

Not everyone wants to overcrank their frame rate, or insist on watching his/her stuff on a 120 Hertz or 240 Hertz refresh rate telly. Shooting at 60p and playing that out at 60p is, in my view, a total waste and totally unnecessary.

And if you shoot at 60p and put it on a 30p timeline, you are slowing down the action by 2x.  And if you put it on a 24p timeline, you are slowing it down by 2.5x. Good for slow-mo, not good for anything else.

Seems that with the HS50, if you want to shoot HD video, you need to do that at the breakneck speed of 60 fps, otherwise you are only going to capture 640 x 480 old school video, which is not everyone's cup of tea these days. The high-friction zoom ring PLUS this severe frame rate/codec limitation does not bode well for those who were hoping to capture videos using a 42x range Fujinon lens on the HS50 EXR.

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