Why Alpha become 'white' now?

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Re: Why Alpha become 'white' now?

ak1981 wrote:

Today I saw the picture of a58 and notice the color of logo alpha is white before its orange, that I even saw in a99, why Sony changing its brand color? I think the warm orange alpha logo is very appealing, any idea about it guys?


Afzal Khan

I also noticed it on the A99 and the trend carries on with the A58. I didn't like it back then and I don't like it now. The cinabbar orange was the small detail that made an Alpha stand out in the crowd. It also split the Alpha series from the NEX series, since they use the white/silver one.

Well, that's gone now. It was a cosmetic detail I liked a lot but it doesn't really affect the camera performance, does it? I don't think the white one improves ISO performance at all...

My guess is that 1) Sony is trying to consolidate the whole Alpha image by merging the Alpha and NEX lines together, and that requires a unique image, thus the white logo, and 2) On the Alphas, the white logo appeared on the first camera that sadly brought back the ISO hotshoe to the line-up. My guess is that Sony also wants to make a strong point of showing which Alphas used the Minolta flash shoe and which ones now use the standard one.

Sadly, Sony wastes a lot of time "fixing" details that don't matter instead of addressing others that are more important. This is one of those cases.

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