How to get prints that are like what you see on screen

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Re: How to get prints that are like what you see on screen

Chris R-UK wrote:

You get your print colours to match your colours on the monitor you need to calibrate both your monitor and your printer/paper combination.

Calibrating the monitor would be the first step but you will need a calibration device like those made by Spyder. This article may be useful: Monitor Calibration

For some reason I could not get into the CIC website, but will try again later to read the article.  Perhaps the signal has trouble crossing the "pond"!  The least expensive Spyder I found on B&H is $169, but I just might have to try it.  My wish list keeps growing...

You can also buy devices for calibrating your printer/ink/paper combinations but as a start you could make sure that you use only your printer manufacturer's paper and ink, select the correct paper in the printer driver and make sure that colour management is carried out by the printer and not your software. This will not be as good as proper printer/paper profiles but it may be better than what you are doing at the moment.

My printer is a Canon, and I do use only the Canon ink.  However, never heard of Canon paper.  I use house brand paper from Staples, and no profile is available for it.  I do make sure I select the correct paper type.  What are the devices for calibrating the printer combinations?

AFAIK soft proofing doesn't help with these aspects of colour management but it does show what colours are outside the gamut of your printer.

The gamut warning is quite useful.  I was under the impression soft proofing would give a visual impression that approximated what the print would look like.  Discovered by experience this is not so...

Thanks for the suggestions.

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