I need ethical help !!

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Sell them Sony don't deserve them back Re: I need ethical help !!

ebygum wrote:

I ordered a lens hood for my Sony RX1 from the Sony store for close to $150. They only charged me for ONE, but they shipped SIX - a $600 mistake. I am an honest man, so I called Sony so that I could ship the extra ones back. Guess what? They said that their records only showed one as being shipped, so "there was no way that they could accept the return of five, much less pay for the return shipping." They said I could return one of them and get a full refund, but that was the limit of what they could offer. You would have thought that I was asking a favor, rather than trying to do one.

The Sony store agent was very friendly and polite and actually suggested eBay !! Should I accept that suggestion, or send them back at my expense (assuming I can find a return address), or what? Advice would be appreciated.

Sell them on eBay. Sony don't deserve them back.

Firstly, on a camera so damn expensive why on earth is a lens hood not supplied with the camera?!!! (or perhaps you just wanted an extra one?).

Secondly, why in God's name does a puny little lens hood for that camera cost $150?

Thirdly, after 10 equipment failings from 5 Sony products I am not impressed with Sony workmanship and if my experience is anything to go by your equipment will fail you sooner than you think, or some part that you think should never fail will fail. That being so, my advise would be to cash in now.

You've done your bit to do the right thing and it hasn't worked. So now take care of Number One, that is, yourself.

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