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James O'Neill wrote:

gooseta wrote:

I'm not expecting canon image quality and I dont use canon anyway ??? Not sure what you mean Im just trying to find the sharpest option.

I think his point was you said

"find the corners on the f3.5 sigma unsatisfactory at 10-12mm. It steadily improves but needs some stopping down."


"I would buy the pentax 12-24 but that is too expensive"

So you want an Ultra-wide, at it's extreme wide end and widest apperture, to be razor sharp in the corners, . The only way you're going to get that is to spend a lot more money but you don't want an expensive lens.

I have the sigma 10-20 f/4 (not sure how different the 3.5 is really) and I don't have a problem with corner sharpness. I wonder if it is the field of focus being curved when you expect it to be flat (or vice versa), your specific lens or some other issue

I am just wondering why you wouldn't stop down a UWA? I routinely shoot my Sigma 10-20 f4-5.6 (yeah the older one) at f11+ for the depth of field, I find it more than satisfactory.


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