Re: NX20, 210, 1000 - is it true you need a Samsung android phone..

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Re: NX20, 210, 1000 - is it true you need a Samsung android phone..

Timmbits wrote:

Any news on this?

My HTC got bricked after a few updates and app installs (won't start anymore, just hangs on the opening gif), so I bought an LG Eclypse , which has more built-in RAM at 1GB, android 2.3 , and a 320x480 screen, and I don't have permission to download onto that one either.

Any lawyers following this thread? because it is starting to look like Samsung is in infringement of a few laws... including anti-trust legislation and the Magnussen Moss act. When I bought my camera, it said it could be remote controlled, and nowhere did it say it had to be via a Samsung-branded phone... but that is what it looks like to many of us.

Checking out the user manual, I can now see:

"supported by Galaxy series smart phones" I smell class action?

What would be the basis of the lawsuit?

Remote Viewfinder works just fine on my Motorola Atrix HD, which runs a very stock version of Android 4.1.

It's simply not the case that Samsung built their cameras so that they only talk to other Samsung phones.

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