RX100 to complement X-E1

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Re: RX100 to complement X-E1

mmbn wrote:

Hi all,

I'm looking for a pocketable camera to complement my X-E1. After switching from the (first) NEX 5 which fitted large pockets, I'd like something really small as my always have with me cam....

Will I be disappointed from IQ/handling??



I have both. X-E1 has stunning image quality but the quirky AF can be a little frustrating at times. The RX100 is a superb pocketable camera. The absolute image quality is not quite what the X-E1 can produce but AF speed is superior and the camera is generally easy to use.

RX100 Image quality in low light is significantly better than my Nikon D200.

I really love the RX100 for what it is and it actually gets more use than the Fuji

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