Canon 90EX flash as a Master unit for a beginner?

Started Jan 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
TangoMan Senior Member • Posts: 1,371
Re: Canon 90EX flash as a Master unit for a beginner?

You could have a lot of fun buying two manual flashes and something like the RF-602 or RF-603.

Examples of manual flashes are Vivitar 285, Yongnuo 460 (, some sunpak, etc.

The rf-602 and 603 are radio triggers and will work all the time under any conditions, with the flash not needing to be in direct line of sight with anything.

Just some thoughts from a hard core off-camera flash shooter.

The whole kit would cost you less than just one canon flash, and the light quality is just the same: it only depends on the modifiers you use.

It is manual, meaning that you have to set up your lights, and do some tests, but when it's done, you just set the camera to manual and all the pictures in the lighted area will be nicely exposed, with variations only if you subject moves away from the lights (you can open up the aperture or increase the sensitivity (ISO) to compensate).

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