Acceptable/Quality Macro Extension Tubes

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Re: Acceptable/Quality Macro Extension Tubes

LarryS wrote:

Hello to all,

Like some others in the forum, I'm looking at my options for macro photography (bugs, flowers, fungi) without much budget. So I'm investigating tubes to hold me over until I can afford a Tamron 90. (BTW, I have A57+SAL18-135+SAL75-300.)

I see sets ranging from <$50 to $200 from Vivitar, Meike (metal or plastic mount), Pro-Optics, Kenko, etc. And reviews vary widely with the Kenko having the advantage but the highest price.

So, would you all recommend cheap and quick, medium price with average reviews or the most expensive? Or, maybe spend ~ $150 on a cheap Vivitar/Phoenix/Cosina 100mm?



Macro tubes will get you pretty high magnification if that is what you want. pick ones with contacts and the aperture control.  my only comment is that if you can find a cheap cosina 100mm macro with the 1:1 adapter for the end jump on it it is as good as the Tamron optically! and you used to get them in A-mount fairly cheap, I haven't sen one in years now though they are all plastic construction so wherever you get it make sure you can look at it.

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