Is Panny G5 JPEG color as good as Oly color now, particularly skin tones?

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Re: Lightroom adjustments for Panny files?

Philly wrote:

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I have had the impression what what I have read that there has been change with each model.

Cheers, geoff

i have G5, GH3 and E-PL5 - the Oly JPEGs are still superior I am afraid - nicer color and better high ISO. But I mostly shoot raw and the Panne colors are fine in Lightroom

Do you have any standard Lightroom adjustments for the Panny raw files, to try to get them to look more like Olympus files?

I just got a G3, and like it quite a bit. I usually process raws in Lightroom also. So far, I just try to get the color balance right in raw. After that, I don't do any other color adjustments. To me, the photos don't look bad after just doing this. But are there other adjustments that may improve it further, for color tonality?

If your primary concern is color style, tonality, etc., you might try the Silkypix raw software that came with your camera.  The interface is quite different from Lightroom, but it offers more options for color styles with just a single click.  I consistently get better colors (colors that I prefer) from Silkypix than from Lightroom. The greens, in particular, come out better.

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