Side by side comparison of top compacts

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Re: The wires ARE a later feature...

WillemB wrote:

They are no guy wires but electrical wires with illuminating bulbs to give a bright silhouett in the night sky. Specially for Christmas and End-of-year festivities. Sorry to have started this, but somewhere in the Nikon forum a test with the newest 70-200/4 lens of Nikon showed this...

Thanks for the factual correction about seasonal lights on the Space Needle.

Not that I am an X10 fan, but it still looks to me like the X10 has a sharper lens, if not better resolution, than the Sony RX100. Here is a comparison at medium telephoto, where the RX100 should not be at a disadvantage (its lens is known to suck at macro distances).

From X10 resolution chart

From RX100 resolution chart

Lines are resolved but look fuzzy after 16.

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