What if you wear glasses?

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Re: What if you wear glasses?

Have you tried to adjust the diopter wheel to see if you can focus images in the view finder without the need for glasses?  That would give you greater choice of eye cups to use (or none, if you prefer).

I have a Nikon and a Panasonic camera.  Interestingly enough, I can adjust the diopter wheel on my Panasonic so that I get a clear image through the viewfinder without glasses.  This allows me to use a large elongated Fotodiox rubber eye piece -- which is great because it covers my entire eye and blocks out the ambient light.  The downside is that I have to take my glasses off when using the EVF, and put them back on when using the LCD screen.  Since I use the EVF 80% of the time, however, using the elongated rubber eye cup that blocks out ambient light is a definite advantage.

On the Nikon, however, the diopter wheel will not adjust enough to allow me to see clearly without glasses, so I have to use the flat rubber eye cup.   I suppose one advantage is that I can use eyeglasses to look through either the VF or the LCD screen, but if it were possible to see clearly through the viewfinder without glasses -- I would prefer it, especially if I could install an elongated eye cup (like Fotodiox).

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