Please help a noob with D800 question...

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Re: Please help a noob with D800 question...

Doublehelix wrote:

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:-
Believe me, the camera body is only the first step when it comes to the D800.

Absolutely! My old Quad core, 8 GB PC barely chugs along with the D800 files. I knew I was going to have to upgrade my storage capacity, that was a given, but I didn't really think about the load it was going to put on the processing power.

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i have noticed no difference in the speed of my computer. that said, d800 files are not overly large compared to some of the files i routinely work with (scans and MF). SSDs and lots of RAM, if you don't already have that. i did, so no upgrade. if you don't, put $400-500 aside for computer upgrades.

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