12 f2 made in china really tight to mount

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Re: 12 f2 made in china really tight to mount

Klarno wrote:

Whether it's made in China is immaterial. Japanese or German or <insert country here whose trade practices are favorable to American sensibilities>'s manufacturing is not inherently any better than China's. In fact, dollar for dollar, China is doing by far the finest manufacturing in the world. This is a fact. It's not even about saving on labor costs anymore: China's manufacturing centers are better equipped logistically for manufacturing than Japanese or American manufacturing centers. What matters in the end is the design. Regardless of where it's being built.

Not sure where you get that information from. Much of it is about saving labour costs, saving money through lack of legislation and having a production facility in the fastest growing market in the world.

It does matter where it's built. Many of these companies are having the assembly carried out in China but the hi-tech manufactured parts are imported. There is a huge amount of technical daily support that goes into manufacturing cutting edge technology.

Try manufacturing a Euro V or US10 diesel injection system in China, or a precision internal grinder, or a electro discharge machine, or a compliant explosion proof electric motor. There is a very long list of everyday equipment that can only currently be manufactured in a handful of places.

I'm not saying China will never catch up as clearly they will but currently the manufacturing capability is not at the same level as Japan, US, Germany, UK, Sweden etc.

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