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Re: Speculated out

Hi Schaki, i still love the S10, but it stops at 72, i hardly go below 50mm, so its very limited for my use. Its very sharp. I bought it as an upgrade from my CX3, but i now know it cannot replace it, the zomm is simply too short for my use. And, i sho like 1000 a month with the CX, now barely 100 a month with the GXR, for some reason it does not challenge me to make pics, strange.

My list now has gone down to a CX6, XZ-2, X10 and V1. The RX100 is great but extremely expensive here, due to its price setting out of my league at the moment.

The oly i have never seen here, so i need to check it out as i read more than once that the XZ-1 is an undiscovered gem, so the XZ-2 must be great, but touch screen? Nah.

The X10, i held it sevral times and it feels cheap plastic, lightweight?

The V1 is simply impressive, if the V2 was in my pricerange, i would buy it, the UI is ok, better than most other non Ricoh sets (have not seen the RX100 yet i must confess), but the lenses, nah.

So, since the GX300 is not yet made, i cannot find my ultiate cam at the moment.

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