Vacation: Taking two cameras?!

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Re: Vacation: Taking two cameras?!

I'm one who routinely takes all the gear I can fit in a backpack on vacations. Too bodies, a bunch of lenses. And a bunch of weight.

I do NOT hike (far) with all that gear. Unless you are seriously in shape and don't mind carrying all that, I'd say you have to cut the gear down. (Then again, how much weight does one lens and a D5100 add...)

Here's what I'll ask you: Are you taking pictures on vacation because you just enjoy taking pictures, and it's kind of an enjoyable habit? Or do you seriously print and exhibit the images later?

If you mostly take pictures because you enjoy taking them, you should have more fun carrying less weight and just taking pictures with the lenses and (single) camera you have on hand.

If you're really into the results more than the process, you'll probably need to suffer the weight. But then I'd think you'd also be owning some different gear.

I'd probably be taking a D800 and 50-500. The D800 - because it's a D800. The 50-500 because I'd want a long lens for wildlife. But then I'd need a tripod too.

As for the filters, I'd get a CP. No decent post-processing alternative to them. And you can use it as a mild neutral density filter as well.

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