iPhone5 disappointed by photos! Galaxy Note is super!

Started Sep 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
Menneisyys Senior Member • Posts: 1,435
Re: The T shirt on Galaxy note is way sharper

Just look at the white letters on the yellow background in the left of the shot - they are blurred and not because of defocus / bad lens / grease.

(The iPhone 5's camera is definitely not THIS bad.)

relate2 wrote:

Menneisyys wrote:

The iPhoto shot is blurred because of the low shutter speed. Therefore, this photo is not really a good example of its capabilties. (It's certainly better than one would think based on the shot. Of course it doesn't come close to even the Nokia N8.)

And you know the shutter speed is low how?

There is no exif information attached to the image.

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