LX7 image quality

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max metz Senior Member • Posts: 2,644
Re: LX7 image quality

Although I haven't shot with a Panasonic for quite some time, the panasonic/leica jpg engine has always been very powerful and adept - the photographer just has to know how to use it.

The first thing to do with a Panasonic/Leica camera is turn the noise reduction down as far as it will go and shoot in the more manual modes like shutter priority, aperture priority and full manual. Even program mode on many Panasonic Leica's is butchered with some overiding built in noise reduction.

If one can get good results with the old fz100, known for its smear and noise, using these points mentioned as a starting point will get you going in no time with any Panasonic Leica. No need for raw really, the camera will produce a good jpeg if you let it.

Remember though, when buying the Panasonic Leica's, your buying a beautiful lens, the camera is just something they attach to it - unfortunately the attachment is perminant.

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