GH3: wrong direction! Bulkier & heavier ....

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Re: GH3 shoulders & grip

Ulfric M Douglas wrote:

Everyone is seeing a bigger camera overall : I'm seeing a better grip for sure, and the shoulders raised to meet the horrible hump. That's all.
I'm sure the 'feel' will be bigger and handling better than GH2.

Agree with this, Panasonic seem to doing to the GH3 what they just did with the G5 ie increase the grip size for better handling without altering the overall dims much.

I find the GH2 grip just a bit too small when fitted with the 12-35 lens so the GH3 should just be about be spot on.

If the new sensor with 100ISO setting can really up the low ISO IQ then my GH2 will be on ebay.

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