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leicalight wrote:

sorry can you explain why i must buy a small sensor camera with a body almost big like a FF ?

my 5D MII coupled with 28mm 1.8 , 35mm f2 or 40mm f2.8 has almost same size as my GH2 , anyway i need a bag for carry them (both) and GH3 is also bigger then GH2

Well, a lot of people just want to have one system. m4/3 offers small, medium, and now a "larger" body option for those that want it (and there will be many that do!)

For many enthusiasts, having two systems is not a financial practicality, as buying redundant lenses for different systems can get quite expensive. Oly and Panny now have a stable of lenses that will meet the needs of many, many photographers. I dare say, even some pros could accomplish much of their work with this equipment. After all, the E-M5 sensor performance is highly comparable to the Canon 7D, and I know many good photogs who use that camera in their arsenal.

So, in answer to your question, no one is telling you that you "must" buy anything. It is simply a choice you have, and choices are always good!!

Though we may have precious little, it's still precious...

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