GH3: wrong direction! Bulkier & heavier ....

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Re: There is nothing wrong with the GH3...

... but at some stage (IMHO rather sooner than later) Pana needs to introduce a Nex-6/7-like model with integrated EVF but still smallish. The GH3 as flagship body for high-end video and stills is just fine, it´s the G5/G6 and the GX2/3 lineage they need to think about. I suggest a line-up like this:

GHx series: DSLR-like styling - the best they can do for video and stills - the total solution!

G(3/5) series: Nex-6/7-like with integrated EVF - the best they can do for stills
GX series: GF1/GX1-like styling, no integrated EVF, but uncompromised for stills
GF series: GF5-like, the entry model

So far Pana was slow to make progress with the GH line, crippled the G(3/5) series even for stills, didn´t really excite with the GX1 (being crippled for stills), only the GF5 fits into this marketing strategy. A line-up of just 4 models in which the top 3 provide top performance for taking stills (all featuring the latest sensors, all multi-aspect etc.): Please!

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