SONY Rising: Slowly but surely...

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Just read the T4i review

And I don't see anything to get excited about. I'd much rather have the a57 I own or an a65, and they both cost less to boot! And when comparing how slow the Canon focuses in live-view, only mirrorless cams were mentioned (as being better) but not Sony's SLT cams which are superior. Found that kind of odd.

Karl Scharf wrote:

EvilOne wrote:

Sony is quietly moving up the ladder.. IM happy with their direction and position in such a short time... just imagine if Sony was at this for as long as Canon and Nikon... if that was the case we would all be saying Canon, Nikon, who?
Bill aka EO

Are you forgetting that Sony seamlessly took over Konica/Minolta with Minolta having been an innovative camera manufacturer for many years? I do agree with you however that Sony is moving up the ladder and also like the direction it is taking. It will still be a long time before Sony surpasses Canon and Nikon in my opinion.

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