Shared iPhoto library across wired Network- %$#@$%^&!!!!

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Re: 1. Don't use iPhoto 2. Do use a server.

I use Aperture for PP.

Thanks for the tips, but...

Tried 3a)- cannot maintain access reliably if you ever turn off/sleep host computer.
3b) $1k to start. Not in the budget.

bondiblue wrote:

What you are running into is nothing new, it is the problem of providing access to multiple users to a shared resource. This is what file servers have been all about for small to medium companies for the past 30 years.


1. There is no solution where each user keeps their stuff in iPhoto on individual macs.

2. Use iPhoto to choose/edit/tweak/crop images but when you are done, export the "keepers" that you want to show as files in a folder. Probably 90% of the original images aren't fit for showing and should be trashed anyway.

This is where iPhoto/Aperture/Lightroom do have a role to play, but don't rely on them for long term storage or providing a convenient way to share access.

3. You need to decide where you will host the 'shared" images that all can see or contribute to. Either:

a) If you have a primary mac that is also backed up (typical of a small home-office setup) create a folder in users/shared ... and turn on file sharing in the system preferences, giving users access to that.

b) consider investing in a Mac Mini with OSX Lion Server, and configure all the users to connect to this when they are at home. Add a backup drive and encourage all to use this to store files instead of their local internal HDD's, like you would in any corporate environment. And lastly, make sure it has a backup configured so you don't lose everything if the HDD fails.

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