5 years and 30 cameras later, 80,000 pictures and the Sony RX100

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Re: 5 years and 30 cameras later, 80,000 pictures and the Sony RX100

archiebald wrote:

aman74 wrote:

archiebald wrote:

aman74 wrote:

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photo perzon wrote:

Note: there are many bullies in the forums, they attack people who don't say "Nikon is great" or whatever. Ignore negativity.

Personally I would only pick on any person who said they needed to buy 30 cameras in 5 years.

It's clear you have;
a) Too much time
b) Too much money
c) Too much ego
d) No photographic talent

or e) All of the above.

What a narrow point of view, I'm glad I don't live in your world. Who are you to say what someone should do with their time and money? Who are you to assume someone is trying to impress someone with their purchases when you don't even know them. Who are you to say they don't have any talent, it's subjective anyhow and actually quite irrelevant. Some people enjoy the equipment, checking new things out seeing what works for them, etc...

I suggest growing up and worrying about yourself. You sound jealous and ignorant. Would you say the same thing about someone who likes to collect and work on cars? It's a frickin' hobby man.

Try reading the topic in flat mode. Maybe you will understand that I am not the only one who thinks the OP is a narcissistic idiot with more money than brains.

That's about what I expected for a reply. Failure to answer the questions, failure to stop for a moment and reflect instead of getting defensive and posting a reply that makes sense. You're only making yourself look even more ignorant. As someone else pointed out, whether others agree with you or not has nothing to do with being correct. There's some other ignorant folks in here as well, what's your point? People are maybe reacting harsher than normal because it's Photo Perzon, they need to think about that as well and read the OP as it stands, not clouded by their pre-conceived notions.

What on earth are you talking about? I had never heard of this poster before this thread, so there are no "preconceived notions". I based my comments entirely on the content of the first post in this topic. Anyone who "needs" to buy 30 cameras in 5 years has a serious problem. Anyone who then feels the need to post about it has an even bigger problem.

I'll answer your question, even though you failed to answer or address and of mine. I said "people" and "MAYBE"...My post wasn't only addressing, hence the use of the word "people" and not "you". Several others commented specifically about it being this poster.

What am I talking about? I already made two posts about it and you refuse to address it. I'm not feeling too good about wasting anymore time on someone so close-minded and bitter. You have a funny idea of what constitutes having a problem. Someone who feels they should dictate what others should do with their time and money is the one with the problem. Take that one step further as you did and I'll add that someone who posts such a critique of another's hobby has an even bigger problem.

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