What do want to have and want to keep in the GH3?

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What do want to have and want to keep in the GH3?

I want to keep this geared to IQ and just some features and let's keep it reasonable. IBIS in all likely hood is not going to happen, for instance.

So what should the GH3 look like, what should it do, what should it keep from the Gh2?

Here is what I want/wish highest priority first:

1) AF: make it like Nikon 1 or Canon 650D. concetrate on that. We do not need better CDAF. We need AF that lets us shoot BIF and sports, at least better than currenty. If they would do it, this would be a big pro compared to their main rivals The OM-D and NEX7 in this segment.

2) ISO 50 is needed. We have fast lenses now. At ISO 160 you cannot use them at lowest stop in bright weather. You need to stop down, losing narrow DOF. Or use a ND filter (very nice in front of excellent glass...). Besides: ISO 50 gives cleaner output if done well.

Max ISO: 6400. Stop giving us useless high ISO's, most of all if this is at the expense of lower ISO. ISO12800 is nonsense in my mind on any cam bar FF.

DR: like OM-D or NEX7.

Resolution: 20 MPixel if possible without any significant sacrifice elsewhere.

What to keep (from high to low priority):

  • Swiveling display

  • Multiaspect ratio

  • Formfactor

  • Menu's (I guess users will have had a G-GH prior to this one)

Other things (I don't want to discuss actuallyas they are not still IQ related): weathersealed. Moviemode a la Vitaliy or a bit (a couple of them actually) better, I heard about 2,06 MPixel EVF (okey), 7-9 fps, 5 fps acceptable if this helps hybrid AF, Better battery life/larger battery as an option.

Get rid of: any thought about silly new functions no one needs and concentrate on usefull additions. Panny seems to be good at that

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