Why print?

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To showcase your work

Kmccarthy wrote:

Why do some photographers make such a big deal about printing? They usually seem to imply that the only way to truly evaluate IQ is by printing (and they are usually a bit snobby about it).

They make a "big deal" about printing because it is a "big deal" to "them". In reality, it is simple and anyone of reasonable competence can do it, provided they have a good printer. The snobby attitude you are detecting is intellectual competitiveness, which runs rampantly in all technical professions or hobbies. This behavior can be witnessed all over dpreview's forums.

Is this just because they are used to the film days or is there a real technical reason? Granted I don't have a super high end printer, but I think the colors and IQ of my digital pictures look better on my monitor.

I think most normal people print only those photos that they regard as special, and worthy of the expense, time and labor to frame. The work can then be displayed for all to see in a more permanent sense, like a sculpture or a painting. When you print a beautiful photograph, it becomes heirloom art.

I print only those photos I deem worthy of displaying as art, and also of the important people in my life (family and friends) - I want them to be seen by all without prompting. The rest remain digital, and serve as a visual record of events, people, places, etc.

If you know someone that prints all their photos, then that person is probably a bit nutty.

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