Nikon CLS and mixing Powered Heads

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Re: Nikon CLS and mixing Powered Heads

bravozulu wrote:

My intention is to dump the pop up. Have one SB 800 in front to the left, an SB700 in front to the right. Can I trigger those lights without the pop-up?

This is not defined in any of the user manuals. Frustrating.

Actually you use your SB700 and SB800 without the pop-up being fired for the picture (it will still be fired as pre-flashes to communicate with the SB700 and SB800).

I'm using a off-body SB700 with my D90, I disable the internal flash by setting "- -" in the camera menu, and I set the SB700 in another mode (I usually use manual).

That way, the onboard pre-flashes are used to control my SB700, but the onboard flash is not triggered when the picture is taken, only the SB700 does.

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