Non-OEM gloss optimizer for Epson R1900/R2000

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Re: Non-OEM gloss optimizer for Epson R1900/R2000

BrightGuy wrote:

What I recall of Digital B&W forum threads is that the Image Specialists GO (MIS etc) is a bit yellow and reduces bronzing better than the OEM gloss enhancer. So that is correct.

The bleeding of dots that happens with your paper and media preset should in theory be solved with better paper coatings, more ink limitation, slower printing. If there is no choice you can also split the color printing run from the GO print run. The drying in between will be enough.

Thanks, Dinkla. I've done more tests and verified that turning speed off produces less blurred images -- a minimal improvement though. The best result is, indeed, achieved with two-pass print: one for the image itself without GO, and another for the blank sheet with GO. Also, I suspect that even when Full Page GO is applied with one-pass printing, Epson driver does not fire the same quantity of GO to the whole page. Although this way bronzing and gloss diferential is reduced even more, applying GO through a blank sheet printing gave me a finish very much comparable to a dye-ink printing. There's a drawback through. Paper feed/roller marks become something apparent, at least with the paper I have made these experiments. It seems the paper does not absorve the GO fast enough, so the paper sheet passes through the feed rollers before GO get dry.

I'd still want to find a better non-OEM GO for this printer. I have contacted an ink reseller in my country that told me the GO he sells does not produce this blurring/bleeding problem nor yellow cast, at least in combination with the whole inkset. I'm prone to give it a try, but be glad to read from someone about a better GO which would had eliminated/reduced exactly the blurring and cast.

Sometimes when I "browse read" I can miss details -- but I didn't read what type paper you are using. What type is it and is it a Paper designed to be used with your 1900 printer. Evidently, is surely must be a paper to be used with Photo Blank ink.

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