X100 working like a charm now - new lens unit - comments

Started Nov 25, 2011 | Discussions thread
OP Sutto Contributing Member • Posts: 673
Re: Great news

Thanks guys.

Paulo - yes I made the comment on my post last week that the aperture ring feels very different when I change apertures. Has a much more ratchety feel to it. Kind of more mechanical and definite as it clicks from aperture to aperture.

Gava - hey really liked your comments on the other thread - where the dude was railing against his X100. You were very calm (did not attack him personally as most people d0 - that is a no no), and you set out your hypothesis in a very calculated, intelligent form - well done. Yes I am taking my marvelous little Nikkor AFS 24-85G. If the X100 does decide to die on me, I will have a back-up.



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