E-5 vs. A77

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It's not a contest

The Olympus E5 is an outstanding camera. And so is the Sony A77.

For any Olympus user, who is heavily invested in that wonderful Zuiko glass, then it is a no brainer.
The E5 is the obvious choice.

But for anyone who isn't in that category, and is trying to decide on which format to select for the long term, then they must consider the following.

  • The A77 costs less than the E5

  • The A77 can do more than the E5

  • The A77 can shoot in less light, and has greater DR

  • The A77 has a cutting edge sensor, the E5 is using a tweaked 3 year old one

  • The A77 can do 12 fps, vs 5 fps for the E5

Someone said above... "let's not forget that wonderful Zuiko glass."

I couldn't agree more.

I love my Zuiko lenses. But it seems Olympus has forgotten them completely, since they haven't released a new 4/3 lens since 2008. And Sigma has discontinued 10 of the 14 4/3 lenses from their catalog.

  • The A77 can use over 90 Minolta/Alpha mount AF lenses. The E5 has around 35 lenses.

But here is the biggest reason you cannot dismiss the A77....

  • The A77 is part of an ongoing product line. The E5 is a dead end.

None of what I said above should be construed as knocking the E5. It really is an outstanding camera. But being totally objective about it, it is hard to deny that the A77 does more, costs less, and is part of ongoing product line.

No one using an E3 and HG or SHG lenses will dump their gear to buy an A77. That just wouldn't make practical sense. But anyone who owns just an E520 and kit lenses who wants to move up would have to think hard before spending a lot of money on an E5 plus 12-60mm lens.
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