Olympus in the U.S.

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Re: Wrong forum?

I don't think that DWIP is in the wrong forum.

I formed my opinions about what camera to buy by handling them, many times at Fry's in N. California w/o a salesman hovering around me. That's how I finally chose the C750UZ over the Canon G2. I never found a Canon that felt comfortable to hand as the Oly.

Same this time when the recommendation was the XZ-1 or the Canon G12. Having a zillion features doesn't make for good handling.

Probably the best camera store in N. Cal is Keeble and Schuchat in Palo Alto. They carry Olympus but I don't remember the last time that they advertised one.

When I bought my C750 in 2003 Oly sponsored an in-store (K and S) session for C750 users.
Now if someone would only produce a real user manual for the XZ-1............

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