Since when is purple blue?

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Re: Since when is purple blue?

Marker wrote:

cary smith wrote:

Marker wrote:

I'd agree except that the bag and bottle was shot with the built in flash and the camera was set to "flash" for white balance. It should be correct, no?

Not necessarily. What is the light spectral distribution of the flash?


I'm sorry, you lost me on that one. I have no idea. I just figured that Nikon's own "flash" setting for white balance and the built in camera flash would be matched or compatible.

Actually, this is where you are wrong. Setting the camera WB to Flash will not automatically give you the right colours, especially the pop-up flash is too weak to overcome the affects of ambient light, add to that the fact that the pop-up is a direct flash, making it worse. Also...

Please don't tell us you had the camera flash in TTL-BL mode... It makes it even worse in that case.

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