www.photodium.com : anyone tried ? (canvas prints)

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Re: www.photodium.com : anyone tried ? (canvas prints)

yeah, to make matters worse, you CAN'T file a paypal claim. Photodium didn't have the time to contact me back over the course of 3 weeks of non-stop phone calls, messages, e-mails and system messages. But they had the time to log into paypal hours after I filed a dispute, THEY escalated it to a claim and immediately they won the case.
Why? Because...

Buyer beware, in Photodiums TERMS OF SERVICE, you WAIVE the right to reverse payment under ANY circumstances. Even if they print you off complete garbage and ruin your product, you DO NOT have the RIGHT to demand your money back.

In other words, Photodium IS a scam, and in the terms of service they have it clearly written that there is no protection for the customer and that there are NO guarantees that your product will be made properly, or that you'll even get it.

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