Fuji F31 vs Oly XZ-1 Photos (for Johny!)

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Fuji F31 vs Oly XZ-1 Photos (for Johny!)

I didn't want to leave JohnyR82 hanging so I did very quick / unprofessional side by side in lower, indoor lighting conditions between my F31 and newly acquired XZ-1.

Please forgive the crudeness of these examples but what I did to try to keep things consistent: Both cameras were handheld; jpegs only; auto white balance; color set to "standard" for the Fuji and "natural" for the Oly; all are straight out of the camera, only resized (noted where cropped).

Tripods and trying to keep focal lengths and apertures the same would have made this more meaningful I know (not to mention if I knew what I was doing and had a bunch more time with it).

I'll let you all be the judge. I can say that the Oly colors in the first macro shot are spot on while the F31 colors were way off (both using AWB). In the other shots I'd say Fuji's colors were slightly more true to life.


I'll start with the macro. I'm not completely sure how to get a 100% crop of a photo but this was my attempt to do so. I had to use "Super Macro" on the XZ-1 as I was too close for Macro (however Macro on the Fuji worked just fine at the same distance). The camera distance was the same, unfortunately my angle was a bit lower with the Oly. No flash used - exact same lighting conditions.

Next ISO shots @ 1600

Cropped of ISO 1600 shots

Next ISO shots @ 800

Finally ISO shots @ 100

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