Zeiss 2.8/35mm C + 2.8/25mm ZM Shots

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Re: More please?

headofdestiny wrote:

Another thing to consider is that, due to angle light rays interacting with a digital sensor, EV differences aren't usually linear when you get faster than f2.8 or so. ie, you may only get something like a .5 or .7 EV advantage with the f2 version over the f2.8. Of course, it just depends on the lens, so you'd need to test it out. If you're ok with Summicron 35 pre-asph performance, the Contax G 35 is another option (they're very similar in design and mtf.)

For handheld low light candid shooting, even a half a stop is easily worth the $100-$200 difference between the 2.0 and 2.8 C--considering the Nex does not have IBIS. The Contax only has adapter focusing (wonder how smooth that feels) with no distance scale and dof markings.

It's a tough call here between the ZM 35 2.0 and 2.8 C. I chose the C 1st because I don't shoot handheld that often. But if I was more into that sort of thing, the 2.0 all the way.

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