Mac Pro doesn't go to sleep

Started Dec 25, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Mac Pro doesn't go to sleep

Sleep: I can't think of any of my Macs from the past decade or so that didn't have sleep issues, and the remedy seems to always be different. It's a frustrating issue to solve. Best of luck, but unfortunately, there's no panacea.

Defrag: While Apple doesn't advise defragmentation as a necessity for most users, I can confirm that it can be an issue for photo and video users who are generally moving and appending large files. HFS+ handles files and empty space better than other file systems, but it doesn't "defragment on the fly" as many will tell you. So, depending on your uses, you may want to purchase a small utility to manage your storage. In general, these tools have other useful feature such as file recovery, etc.

Thankfully hardware and software have both progressed to a point where disk management by the user are generally a thing of the past, but depending on what you do on your Mac, this may be something you should consider.

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