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Re: Perhaps a matter of nomenclature...

Excellent point, Richard, and that probably explains why nearly all the product shots I've seen accompanying press releases over the years are studio shots with indiscript or white backgrounds. I always figured it was done to maximize attention to product detail, but it probably is to prevent missuse of the photo as well.

Richard Katris wrote:

I think of a "press" photo as one done by a press photographer, ie: news photographer working for a paper. I think of a PR photo as a publicity release photo, and agree they are generally paid and supplied by persons wanting the publicity and normally supplied without limitations upon that usage in order to promote the object/widget they want promoted....though I imagine if the image was later used in an unrelated manner that did nothing to advertise the product that even they might then object to its usage.

Interesting idea....does being released as a PR photo to advertise widgets.....if it is later used in an article about the pictured area in the background and used in an article or book that relates to the background only...and does not mention or relate to the widgets for which it was originally supplied....would the agency or even photographer have a case to ask for additional compensation from the new user for this new unintended usage? I would think so.

Say an advertising shot of Marilyn Monroe...standing next to and pointing at a toaster had been made years ago for GE. Would a usage of a closeup of her above the waist.....not showing the toaster....and being sold as an art print of considered a legitimate usage of that PR image?

In other image released for a specific PR purpose...does it become public domain? or is the release for usage normally tied to the product it was intended to promote? I would sure word my contract that it had to be used to advert of the toaster, and that any other uses were mine.....

Always good to limit usages to the client's needs ONLY.
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