I'm back from Cologne

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I'm back from Cologne

Cologne is Germany's fourth-largest city. It is one of the Oldest Cities in Germany, HAVING been to the Ubii Founded in the year 38 BC.

Every year there is a photo Photokina (2010). Journey to Cologne I prepared earlier.

First I went to the city Leica Solms. In the Leica factory, I look over the gallery, an exhibition of cameras, lenses and binoculars.
Also, I've ordered here CLA (€ 605,-) for my M6.


Next day I was at the Photokina. I also wondered about a new camera DLux5. But I was disappointed, the EVF is very low resolution and is only for "orientation". It is the same as DLux4 for photographers with an unimpressive innovation.
I also tried other models:
X1 - a nice light camera with a long record of RAW.
S2 - fantastic optics, super-fast shooting, but the grain is greater than the M9

Finally, the last model of the M9 - camera of my dreams - lighter than the M6 viewfinder amazing, fast, raw record, the lowest of all the grain exposed to Leica cameras.
I was surprised that all the cameras I could also try with my memory card.

Then I "pushed" the Fuji - stand. They were there only 3 prototypes X100 , which worked only an optical viewfinder with a electronic projection exposure data. The viewfinder is very luminous and large.

We have to wait until March or April 2011 so that we can explore the photographic quality.

I love traveling and I was looking for optimum light and small camera for taking pictures outdoors, indoors and in low light conditions. For my needs I can probably buy a new camera Panasonic DMC-GH2, which meets all my needs.


The next day I discovered the beauty of Cologne - the cathedral, old town, museum and birthplace of Eau de Cologne by Giovanni Maria Farina house (4711 Eau de Cologne is plagiarism), pubs and also a museum of chocolate.



The next day I traveled home, I stopped at the technical museum in Speyer.

Here is the main attraction of the Soviet space shuttle Buran and exhibition on the theme of space travel.


Next year I'll go back to Cologne.
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