What would you keep and what would you sell?

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What would you keep and what would you sell?

Good morning. I'm a brand new owner of a D700 after deciding to expand to FX over the weekend (aided by some fortunate fundulation). I'm trying to decide if I should keep my D40 and D90 rigs.

As a bit of background, I was into photography big time in college and grad school (20 yrs ago), but had to put it aside during the child-raising years. 5 ot 8 years ago we moved to digital with a small point and shoot and then upgraded that after a few years to another (both coolpix models). 2 Years ago, I took the plunge with a D40, and this past spring upgraded to a D90 in anticipation of a very serious trip with my youth group.

I got the D700 w/50mm 1.8 this weekend when I sold a vehicle I no longer needed and my VP of Acquisitions approved the move to FX (she even drove me to BestBuy) with some of the proceeds. So obviously I'm working through the "letter to George" from The Online Photographer (I'm not the George, seriously, but very close so far).

So I have 3 rigs...

1. D40, 18-55, SB400

2. D90, 18-105 (never got around to selling it), 18-200, 35 and SB600

3. D700, 50mm (used 24-120 on the way).

I kept the D40 as a "backup" when I got the D90, but I never used it since. I know the flashes will work with the new system, but I expect I'll be upgrading that shortly too.

So I could envision keeping the D40 as a very light travel rig ( or maybe even the D90 for that)... maybe selling the D40 rig and the 18-200, but keeping the D90 kit as a "backup". But I'm also wondering if the backup ever get's used. I also realize that the more DX stuff I sell, the more I can fill out the FX rig.

I'm strictly in the lucky amateur category. I photograph events and travel in my own life... never made money photographywise, nor do I intend to. Nobody else in the family is interested in DLSRs (we even need to keep a basic point and shoot for said VP and son).

Would you keep a backup DSLR rig in that case? Which one?

Thanks for your opinion!


PS - If it helps, some of my pics (from all 5 cameras) are on http://www.georgereiner.smugmug.com

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