most compact case for G11? PSC-5100?

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Re: PSC-5100 vs Rez-10

Thanks you helped me make up my mind about the Lowepro G-Rez 10.

I am ordering today. I need a small case to protect just my camera only. I do use a wrist strap so it can hang on the outside of the case.

I ride a Goldwing Motorcycle and in the front I have a small compartment that is just big enough for a small camera and a shell of a case. If I can put my camera in that compartment and don't have to get off the bike to take pictures if I need to grab a quick shot of something. Very helpful information.

Marcos Villaroman wrote:

I bought both the Canon PSC-5100 and the Lowepro G-Rez 10 (which seems to be only available at Amazon).

They both fit the most compact case category in that they just fit the camera without any sort of pouch for a spare memory card or battery (i.e., cases that have a front pouch with a flat that covers everything adds bulk.)

The PSC-5100 is more of a covering; when you carry it on around your neck/on your shoulder, you use the camera's neck strap. It looks the nicest of all case options: it's made of leather (or fake leather), the interior is lined with a nice black felt, and its flap has a magnetic clasp and so has the least bulk. I didn't like it at the end, because it also looks boxy and when I removed the camera from the case, I found I had to stuff the case somewhere else. You could put the case on a belt strap, but, the case's belt loop will eventually fail --- it doesn't look that strong. Also, I found the neck strap that comes with the camera to be a bit short for carrying the camera under an arm. The camera goes into the case bottom first (e.g., camera held landscape orientation) and the case is snug enough to require pulling both ends of the neck strap to get the camera out (pulling only one edge of the strap causes the camera to rotate, making it harder to remove from the case). Lastly, the PSC-5100 case has no room to stuff the neckstrap under the flap (which is what you want to do if you carry it on your belt).

The G-Rez 10 is made of nylon, has a plastic clasp (which adds a little bit to the bulk --- no zipper), and a belt loop (which is a lot more secure than the PSC-5100's). Its removeable should strap is adjustable and long enough so that I can comfortable carry the bag under my arm and allows me to carry the case easily with the camera out. Since there's no zipper, I can pull the camera out easily. There's a little room under the flap to stuff the camera's neckstrap, but, it's awkward --- you have to take the time to neatly fold the strap and then hold it down with the case's flap. The camera goes into the case along one edge (i.e., the case holds the camera in the portrait mode orientation). The G-Rez 10 is perfect if you prefer holding the camera with a wrist strap attached rather than the neck strap. You'd just let the wrist strap hang out and can quickly pull the camera out or put it back in the case.

Since neither case has a zipper, these cases won't protect the camera from the elements. The PSC-5100 has a big cut outs for the neck strap to stick out.

I considered the Tamrac 5689. It had the least bulk of all, but, no shoulder strap. It's essentially a skin. It does have enough room to stuff the camera strap into it quickly.

The Tamrac 5693 holds a few things in the front pouch, but, looks too bulky.

The Lowepro Apex 60 AW looks very promising. Detachable shoulder strap. Can easily stuff the camera into it. Weather covering. I'd probably have bought it if I didn't decide to carry the G11 with a wrist strap most of the time.

The case I plan to buy next is the Lowepro Apex 100 AW. This case should just big enough to carry the G11 with a compact flash (Sunpack RD2000).

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