Pentax K-7.. turning it up a notch...

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Re: Pentax auto focus

philbarton wrote:

ibbe wrote:

• Autofocus slower than competing models

(The EV#; then the 450D; then the K20D)

still the k20 givs me nice sharp pic in every sequence of a 2-to 3sec


Nice shots - daylight, right? I indicated below EV6

Daylight open shade is EV 12.

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Ok, we get it the Pentax auto focus on previous cameras in low light is poor for you (and many others)....for ME it is not.

This was recently with my old IST*D and my 17-35 Tamron iso 3200 f2.8 1/20 .3 ec....about EV 3

For light levels below this that night the af worked easily as it did for me here but pics are blurred (my K100d would have been better to use). I would rather have a manual focus camera and stabilization than an af one without below EV 3....though both are better.

The Pentaxes I have used to date work best using the AF system to trap focus with manual focus lenses stabilized in really low light. A lowly K100d and a $20 or so fast mf prime ( EG 50 1.7) is a great low light kit.

And then again this thread is about the NEW camera the K7 and those who have used the pre production cameras report that it is MUCH faster to af including in low light.

Look, Canon make great cameras and lenses and if that is your flavour...great (in this forum it should be)..but so do Pentax and this new one DOES look to be great all round.


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