Just bought SX200, sample pictures and impressions

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Re: Just bought SX200, sample pictures and impressions

Amir5831 wrote:

Would you please check underneath your SX200 and see if it was
actually made in Japan or China. I know, I know is not that
important, and canon quality stays the same regardless of where it
was assembled, but just for the sake of knowing please report back.

Did you check "IS"? Is it working fine, especially at hight focal
points! Thanks a million.

Like others have pointed out, it doesn't matter, but the bottom of mine says Made in Japan. So far I haven't had much of a chance to test the IS much, but if you look at the third shot (the shot in the mirror), it's at 10.4mm (58.24mm 35 equiv) at 1/13 sec exposure and 100 ISO, and it looks pretty sharp to me, so I'd say the IS is working. I'm about to go out and take some more shots in the daylight, so I'll be sure to test the IS more.

Yes, the flash pops up when the camera turns on and stays up until its turned off. I decided that this didn't matter as much to me as I initially thought it would, as it doesn't stick up too far and it at least should give reduced red eye. Yes, it would be nice if it could be retracted manually, but ah well. The other features and image quality more than offset this point for me.

One other feature that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere (although maybe it's on other 2009 Canon digicams?) is that there are blinking overexposed highlights when you look at a picture in the detailed information display in playback mode. That's certainly a nice touch that I didn't expect to see, and somewhat makes up for the lack of a real time histogram (which is indeed not present.) It is worth emphasizing, though, that there is most definitely a very large review histogram, and this can be set to come up as soon as you take the shot, although right now I have it set to focus check which is also quite a handy feature.

I took a few more shots comparing the sharpness modes, and it looks like Sharpness -2 is definitely the way to go, as I expected. The images can be sharpened to the level of Sharpness 0 in post without as many halos, and the files usually come out 200KB or so smaller due to having less noise to compress. Speaking of that, I was a little concerned that Superfine mode was dropped, but even at the default and highest quality Fine mode the camera appears to vary the image size by a great deal if needed. I took one extreme macro of my CRT monitor showing the phosphors (the macro is great) and it ended up as 6,894KB.

Here are a couple more shots I took last night showing the low light capabilities (original files are linked to from the flickr pages):


Note that on this shot the exposure time is .8 seconds and it was handheld at ISO 400. There's actually still good detail on the bricks in the center of the photo. Even though the shot isn't perfectly sharp, I'd say the IS is working in this case.


Good detail for ISO 400. I'm pretty impressed with this camera's higher ISO capabilities. It has some luminance noise, but not that much. Details seem to be retained fairly well.

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