Need Help: Canon DPP Noice Reduction terms

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Color noise vs luminance noise

Luminance noise is noise where only the brightness of a colored pixels is affected (but the color as such is (quite) allright).

Chrominance Noise is noise what shows up as clearly colored pixels (like a pixel green and another pixel red).

More often than not both kinds of noise will be in a single photograph.

So what to do?

Zoom in very much (I would start with 200%) and play with the sliders, starting with NO noise reduction. Perhaps you can see the two types of noise and the effect of both sliders.

But before being satisfied with all noise removed, do step back to a broader view (zoom out) because these noise reductions do tend to make the photos less sharp. Somewhere in between is an optimum, but where it lies is a question of taste too.

Besides, other photoprocessing software has these two noise reduction options as well, perhaps under slightly different names.

tmyuen wrote:

I'm learning RAW processing/retouching using Canon's DPP software.
Can someone please help explain the terms "Luminance Noice" and
"Chrominance Noice"?

Understand what circumstances should I apply Luminace Noice
reduction, Chrominance Noice reduction, or both?

I quickly searched a photo with both types of noise. This is NOT a perfect example of a good photo (it's a OutOfFocus part of an underexposed background), but it shows them in Lightroom (see the sliders on the right).
These are 4 screencuts, each at 200%.

Click on the picture to see the comments on the right.

Hope to have been of service.
All in my humble opionion of course!

(I might get a preposition wrong -or any other word for that matter-. English is a nice language, but it's not mine)

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