GH1 is going to be Affordable!

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Re: GH1 is going to be Affordable!

LizaWitz wrote:

Mikedigi wrote:

But for people who just want a stills camera, will the G1 be
upgraded, or a G1 launched with no video at all, at correspondingly
lower prices?

The G1 is out on the market now, and has been for many months. Its
got good pricing, about $650 with the kit lens. Were you not aware
of this?

There's no upgrading that the G1 needs. The difference between the
two is video.

I wonder what percentage of potential m4/3 buyers want to pay a lot
more to get high quality video, or any video at all? On my FZ8, I
have never even switched the video on.

It doesn't matter the percentage- you act as if there can only be one
camera. Those who don't value video, like yourself, can get the G1.
Its essentially the same camera- only you don't have to pay for that
feature that you don't value.

Everyone wins, why all the complaining?

I think it has been obvious and articulated well: No reasonable priced single lens replacement for the fz60 or the like for the G1. If, today, panasonic came out with a 14-140mm lens starting at f3.5(Im sure some want faster, but this is good enough for me) around 500-600 dollars, I myself would get online and drop the dough for the camera with the kit lens and then get the zoom lens.

I have been waiting for 4 years to replace my FZ3 because I wanted the right camera, and the G1 is the right camera without the right lens(at least for me at the moment)


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