Oldskool Flashguns in parallel?

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No need for the

exclamation marks.

Adrian Layden wrote:

I've just measured the voltages across the flashes, Sunpak 6.6v,
Hanimex 230v !! So that may be the problem, the hanimex obviously
needs a thyristor to trigger it which my little slave may not have.

The Hanimex is pretty typical of the older high trigger voltage flashguns, and studio flash, and any slave should be capable of firing it. It certainly does not need a thyristor to trigger it. It's the low voltage guns where the problem might lie, and I don't think it is that common there at that end either. It may be possible that the great disparity in trigger voltage between the flashes can give rise to a problem when firing both simultaneously. I don't see how but I guess all you need to do is test the flashes in the SYK-5 individually. I don't know how the SYK-5 works, anything on Google is just badly translated gobbledygook. The word "theory" turns up rather too often and I suspect that it does not actually count the flashes and fires on the last one, clearly the sensible way to do this job if you have to, so guess this is a device to be avoided in practice..

You might find this link useful, though it is more pertinent to the dangers of using high voltage flash on some digital cameras.


I've been reading another thread where the guy built his own 'muti
pre-flash' optical slaves with alternate transistor/thyristor
triggers so I may build a couple of those.

The SF-4 intelligent slave turns up on eBay from time to time. It works perfectly, handles high and low trigger voltages simultaneously, and costs about $25. The only reason why you would want to build one yourself is for the intellectual exercise.

But above all, you really need to consider if you really need to do all this. It is far from a good idea and you will be better off getting a camera more appropriate for flash photography.


You probably aren't so lucky that your camera has a hotshoe but, if it does, it might fire a single shot with the internal flash turned off. In that event, a cheapo radio link with an extra receiver may solve your problem. Just a thought.....

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