If gears don't matter, why do pros use expensive stuff?

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Much as I liked the pictures in the link, I can't see what the point was. View, stand or tech cameras are mainly used because of the lens and film movements possible. Meaning taking pictures with the lens and film nothing like they are in a digital but twisted all over the place for perspective and sharpness control. Look up Scheimpflug and Sinar on Google for enlightenment.

And a word or two about the costs; the last box or two of 5" x 4" sheet film I picked up cost about £15 a box of 10 sheets and about £3 or £4 to develop a sheet. So £45 to £55 for 10 negatives and still no prints from them. It's still un-opened somewhere but several years over its DB date, btw...

FWIW, I think anyone can improve the quality of their pictures by sitting down one evening and RTFMing. That's something pro's do that no one else seems to think important.

Learn that aperture controls DoF and high shutter speeds (say 1/500th) stop movement and, again, you'll be way ahead of the pack.

Then spend a day playing with the camera and trying out shutter speed and aperture combinations and noting and learning from from your mistakes and, again, you'll be some way ahead of the pack.

Buy an elderly book about photography that deals with film and you'll not be distracted by the gear, but can read about composition and so on. That's far more important imo.

And invest in a tripod and cable release before trading up and wasting money. Better still, invest in a secondhand exposure meter and play with it (good ones are about £5 on ebay). You'll be amazed what you see after a while.

OK rant over; I'll take a tablet and lie down...

Regards, David

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